Gear up for the Speedy PD!

Gear up for the Speedy PD!

The 5K/10K SpeedyPD is Aug. 24, benefiting Parkinson's support services and programs for people in the Flint Hills region

City Council discusses two new plans

City Council Members discussed a plan to improve the Central Park Neighborhood, and the rules for parking on your property.

WATCH: Is aquaponics the future of farming?

World leaders will come together for next week's landmark United Nations Climate Action Summit. Take a look at a technique that's being called the future of farming. It uses waste from fish to fertilize crops.

WATCH: Shark swims close to surfer

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: Drone footage shows a shark swimming near a surfer off Werri Beach in New South Wales, Australia last week. The drone operator said he used the speakers on the device to warn the surfer about the shark.

Long-awaited Claire's Courtyard opens Wednesday

Diana Friend reports on the Red Couch's Library Tuesday this tribute to a wonderful Topekan is open for the fall season.

The real reasons behind Topeka's Clean Slate Day on Friday

City court Judge Lori Dougherty-Bichsel takes a few minutes on the Red Couch Show to details this Friday's court event.