Fork in the Road: Miracle Cafe, Reading KS

13's AJ Dome visited the Miracle Cafe in Reading, KS, to find out what draws people to the town of approx. 200 residents.

Chilly night and a great Fall weekend arrives

Much cooler temperatures tonight

Saturday is Aaron Douglas Art Fair Day in Topeka

One of Topeka's premiere art events is on a busy calendar for the 22nd; the Aaron Douglas Art Fair begins at 10:00am. Be there!

Holton man charged with murder in dad's death

The Holton man accused of killing his father earlier this week has been charged with first-degree murder.

Rep. Lynn Jenkins host 9th and final Jobs Fair

Rep. Lynn Jenkins met with dozens of job seekers at her annual job fair.

Topeka wipes the slate clean for hundreds of people

The city's Clean Slate Day gave people a chance for a fresh start

Newly created "Serengeti Nights" welcomes fans to the Zoo

The Red Couch gets you ready for this fall weekend, with this African-themed Topeka Zoo event surrounding Camp Cowabunga.