KPZ: Sabetha 41, Perry-Lecompton 21

Fri Sep 20 21:47:09 PDT 2019

KPZ: Sabetha 41, Perry-Lecompton 21

Sabetha beats Perry-Lecompton 41-21.

Hot again Wednesday, with evening storms

Heat Index in upper 90s tomorrow

Washburn Rural student group sends cards of encouragement

WRHS' Students Against Prejudice are thanked as Ralph's Good Kids this first week of June. Find out about their project!

Group rallies at SW 21st and Wanamaker

What started with a couple dozen young people grew to a crowd of a couple hundred Tuesday holding a peaceful protest

Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla reacts to Monday protests

Mayor De La Isla responds to Black Out/Black Lives Matter and demonstration at Law Enforcement Center