KPZ: Hayden 54, Seaman 7

Fri Sep 13 20:54:04 PDT 2019

KPZ: Hayden 54, Seaman 7

The Wildcats dominate the Vikings.

Seaman middle schoolers are promoted to high school

Seaman Middle School host a drive-thru graduation for their 8th graders that are now headed to high school.

Jefferson Assembly of God hosts first produce drive

The organization received about 880 boxes of fresh produce from Convoy of Hope for a drive-through produce distribution at Jefferson West Middle School Thursday.

From the 4: "Patterson Gives Back" to Breakthrough House

Patterson Legal Group is back to deliver more $1,000 checks to deserving non-profits... here's our winner for May.

Hot Jobs at 4 includes a Topeka city budgeting position

Ralph's outlining some of the new job listings appearing on, and he'll present 3 every Wednesday.