WATCH: This baby giraffe and bunny are friends

WATCH: This baby giraffe and bunny are friends

THEY'RE BESTIES: A bunny hopped into the giraffe enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo on Thursday. Fenny the baby giraffe eventually couldn't contain his excitement!

City Council discusses two new plans

City Council Members discussed a plan to improve the Central Park Neighborhood, and the rules for parking on your property.

WATCH: Is aquaponics the future of farming?

World leaders will come together for next week's landmark United Nations Climate Action Summit. Take a look at a technique that's being called the future of farming. It uses waste from fish to fertilize crops.

WATCH: Shark swims close to surfer

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: Drone footage shows a shark swimming near a surfer off Werri Beach in New South Wales, Australia last week. The drone operator said he used the speakers on the device to warn the surfer about the shark.

Long-awaited Claire's Courtyard opens Wednesday

Diana Friend reports on the Red Couch's Library Tuesday this tribute to a wonderful Topekan is open for the fall season.

The real reasons behind Topeka's Clean Slate Day on Friday

City court Judge Lori Dougherty-Bichsel takes a few minutes on the Red Couch Show to details this Friday's court event.