HCmed Reaches Milestone in Immunoglobin Combination Product Development with CSL Behring

Published: Oct. 24, 2021 at 8:00 PM CDT

TAIPEI, Oct. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- HCmed Innovations (HCmed), a Taiwanese company that focuses on the development of vibrating mesh nebulizers, today announced the successful completion of the first developmental milestone for the collaboration agreement with CSL Behring.

Earlier this year, global biotherapeutics leader CSL Behring partnered with HCmed to develop a combination product consisting of a plasma-derived immunoglobulin formulation (CSL787) administered via a customized version of the AdheResp nebulizer, HCmed's breath-actuated mesh nebulizer. As HCmed has now completed the development of the customized device to fulfill aerosol performance requirements, HCmed will be receiving the first milestone payment of the partnership. This is a significant achievement for HCmed's newly developed breath actuated platform AdheResp, which proves that HCmed's mesh platform is fully capable to deliver biologics through a respiratory pathway with superior quality and affordable cost.

Inhaled forms of immunoglobulins will potentially diversify the delivery options, and as nebulized therapy can be self-administered by patients, demands on healthcare resources can also be alleviated. Moreover, with breath-actuated nebulizers brought to the collaboration, the way future patients receive inhalation treatments is expected to gradually change. With this function the nebulizers generate aerosol only in response to a patient's inhalation, reducing medication loss during exhalation. This characteristic makes breath-actuated nebulizers a more desirable device to aerosolize high value therapeutic drugs.

"This represents another step forward in the development of novel mesh nebulizers for easier administration of plasma-derived immunoglobulins," stated HCmed CEO Jason Cheng. "Together with CSL Behring, we are committed to providing affordable and effective treatment options to patients suffering from respiratory diseases, and this milestone brings us closer to achieving our goal."

About HCmed

Founded in 2014, HCmed Innovations Co., Ltd. (HCmed) focuses on the development of drug-device combination products based on its vibrating mesh nebulizer technology. The company is venture-backed with funding from Vivo Capital and other major investors from the US, Taiwan, and Japan. Its medical devices have successfully received several regulatory approvals, such as US FDA, European CE, Taiwan TFDA, Brazilian Anvisa, Indonesian Badan POM and China NMPA. HCmed's mesh nebulizers have been launched in Brazil and China. The vision is to bring significant value to global pharma partners through a cost efficient and risk minimized pathway, designing combination products that can provide great contributions in the respiratory field. For additional information about HCmed, please visit www.hcmed-inno.com.

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