Leading Cannabis Platform Providers Form Open Standards Technology Alliance in State of Washington

Washington Cannabis Integrators Alliance Promotes Interoperability Between Platforms to Facilitate Compliance and Data Integrity in the Cannabis Supply Chain
Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 12:07 PM CDT

SEATTLE, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Cultivera, Dauntless, GrowFlow, OpenTHC, POSaBit, Treez (DBA Mister Kraken in Wash.), Analytical 360, Confidence Analytics, Green Grower Labs, Treeline Analytics, The Cannabis Alliance and WSCA announced today the formation of the Washington Cannabis Integrators Alliance (WCIA cannabisintegratorsalliance.com) to enable interoperability between members' technology platforms that allows supply chain traceability for easier compliance, as well as improved data accuracy for cannabis licensees.

This consortium of industry-leading enterprise seed-to-sale and retail commerce platform providers, testing labs and trade associations was a result of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board's (WSLCB) upcoming transition to a new reporting system called CCRS. This new system is strictly a reporting system and lacks data querying functionality that would enable cannabis licensees, such as cultivators, producer/processors, distributors and retailers, to move supply chain data without manual data entry.

WCIA addresses this new system transition by defining open standards and technical specifications so data can be exchanged easily between platforms without manual data entry, thereby improving the accuracy of information and facilitating more efficient traceability and compliance.

"Ensuring that operations are smooth and seamless is essential for cannabis licensees," said Travis Steffen, CEO of GrowFlow.  "The Washington Cannabis Integrators Alliance is a step we've opted to take to help make this a reality for business owners and is an important way for GrowFlow to live up to one of our values of putting customers first."

"WCIA represents a significant advancement for the cannabis supply chain in Washington," said John Yang, CEO of Treez. "By delivering interoperability capabilities, cannabis owners can simplify their information flow, increase efficiency by minimizing manual data entry and make compliance faster and easier."

WCIA inaugural members include:

Seed-to-sale and retail commerce platform providers: Cultivera https://cultivera.com/, Dauntless, https://bedauntless.com/, GrowFlow Corp. https://growflow.com, OpenTHC Inc. https://openthc.com/, POSaBIT https://www.posabit.com and Treez https://www.treez.io/

Testing labs: Analytical 360 https://analytical360.com, Confidence Analytics https://confidenceanalytics.com Green Grower Labs greengrowerlabs.com, and Treeline Analytics https://www.treelineanalytics.com/

Trade Associations: The Cannabis Alliance https://thecannabisalliance.us/ and Washington Sun & Craft Growers Association (WSCA) https://sunandcraft.org

Other companies interested in the WCIA should contact info@cannabisintegratorsalliance.com

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