Introducing Happi: Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Water Celebrating Life's Happy Moments

The first-to-market cannabis beverage is now available in the state of Michigan.
Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 6:00 AM CDT

BIRMINGHAM, Mich., Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Meet Happi, Michigan's first-to-market cannabis-infused sparkling water, launching on August TBC, 2021. With all-natural, vegan ingredients and a microdose of 2.5mg of THC per can, Happi is redefining happy hour with a better-for-you alcohol alternative. Happi believes that health and happiness go hand-in-hand, and life's moments—both big and small—deserve to be celebrated with the perfect sidekick.

Photo Courtesy of Happi
Photo Courtesy of Happi

Available in three delicious flavors — Lemon Elderflower, Raspberry Honeysuckle, and Pomegranate Hibiscus — Happi retails as a single flavor four-pack carton of 8.4 oz slim cans. Happi is made with simple ingredients and organic fruit, with just 25 calories or less per can, offering the same light buzz as alcohol, with no hangover effect.

Lemon Elderflower 15 calories
Carbonated Water, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Agave Nectar, Natural Elderflower Flavor, Vitamin C, Cannabis Extract

Raspberry Honeysuckle 20 calories
Carbonated Water, Organic Raspberry Juice, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Agave Nectar, Natural Honeysuckle Flavor, Vitamin C, Cannabis Extract

Pomegranate Hibiscus 25 calories
Carbonated Water, Organic Pomegranate Juice, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Agave Nectar, Natural Hibiscus Flavor, Vitamin C, Cannabis Extract

Happi is brought to market by Michigan-based founder Joe Reynolds, who understood that women are seeking an easy way to enjoy just the right dose of cannabis, and President Lisa Hurwitz, a veteran of both the CPG and cannabis industries with a career-long focus on women's brands and products. Happi is produced by Redbud Roots, one of Michigan's premier manufacturers of cannabis products. Redbud is dedicated to the advancement of cannabis and the human condition through education, charity and science.

"We're proud to give Michiganders something to celebrate this fall with the launch of Happi in our home-state," says Lisa Hurwitz, President of Happi. "Happi offers a sophisticated sparkling water with just a hint of cannabis for those looking to redefine their personal happy hour. With our production partner, Redbud Roots, and distribution partners, 3Fifteen, Lantern, Sunset Coast Provisions and Redbud, we look forward to making our happiest memories with a Happi in hand. While we may not be able to change the world, we do our best to make it a happier place."

"Redbud is thrilled to be Happi's manufacturing partner, bringing this first-of-its-kind cannabis-infused sparkling water to the Michigan market," says Hunter Mishler, Director of Product Development. "Our fused nano THC technology and unique formulation differs from most cannabis beverages on the market. We ensure that every can of Happi delivers an extremely precise microdose of 2.5mg of THC and a consistent sipping experience."

To further their investment in the Michigan community, Happi is proud to announce their partnership with the Black and Brown Cannabis Guild (BBCG), a female-founded community of cannabis business owners, patients, enthusiasts, and activists of color where advocacy for social equity and justice, a network providing support and community, and guidance to build and scale viable companies all converge. Net proceeds from the sale of Happi merchandise will be donated to the organization to further their good works.

"We are proud to name our first ongoing corporate partnership with Happi, whose support will provide much-needed resources for our new 2021 programming," says Denavvia K. Mojet, Founder of the Black and Brown Cannabis Guild. "We have grown our Michigan footprint through our passion for true equity. By forging strong relationships with justice-minded operators like Happi, we can do more for those who need us the most—and for that, we are deeply grateful. This is an exciting new beginning for both organizations."

Happi is available at launch at select 3Fifteen provisioning centers, Redbud Roots provisioning centers, Sunset Coast Provisions, and through Lantern, an on-demand cannabis delivery platform that provides convenient access to cannabis provisioning centers. In the coming weeks, the brand will have expanded distribution at other provisioning centers throughout the state.

It's Happi Hour, and life is happier with a Happi in hand.

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Happi is a cannabis-infused all natural sparkling water first-to-market in Michigan. With 2.5mg of THC and less than 25 calories per can, Happi is redefining happy hour, providing a hangover free alcohol alternative for those looking to celebrate life's happy moments.

Redbud Roots seeks to offer medical patients and recreational users alike a cannabis experience that's exceptional, effective, and consistent in quality. Committed to continuous innovation, Redbud Roots has developed distinct methods of quality control and cultivation to ensure clean, safe and, most importantly, effective products.

Photo Courtesy of Happi
Photo Courtesy of Happi

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