Joyland's Louie The Clown Found At Sex Offender's Home

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WICHITA, Kan. (WIBW) — The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Joyland's Louie the Clown has been solved.

Wichita Police say the clown disappeared from the Joyland property sometime in 2005 or 2006. It was officially reported stolen in 2010.

Officers were recently notified of the clown's possible location, leading them to the home of a sex offender who's currently in prison. When they found the clown inside, detectives contacted the park's owner, who verified it was indeed Louie. Other missing items may also be recovered.

Police are looking at two suspects in the case. One is 39-year-old Damien K. Mayes, a former employee at the park. A few years ago, Mayes was convicted of child sex crimes that happened in 2008 and he's currently in a Kansas prison. Information on the second suspect has not yet been released.

Officers had previously searched the same home, but at the time were unable to find Louie.

Police say that because the approximately 50-year-old clown is worth $10,000, the theft is considered a felony.

Check out Louie sitting next to authorities during the news conference in the video by KWCH's Lauren Seabrook.