Wichita Boys Face Felony Charges In Halloween Prank

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WICHITA, Kan. -- Four o'clock Sunday morning Marjo Hattan woke to a loud bang.

"Then I heard a loud metal crash," said Hattan. "I didn't know if it was, a gun going off. Then I heard kids yelling 'yahoo, kids rock'."

After calling 9-1-1 she went outside to find her 30-pound pumpkin missing from her front porch, and her mailbox on the ground.

"I don't like the fact that people come up to my front porch, whether it's to steal or try to break in," said Hattan.

Wichita police quickly arrested two 15 year-old boys and a 16 year-old boy, connecting them to at least a dozen damaged mailboxes in several different neighborhoods. The total damage is at least $1,300.

When police asked whether Hattan and her neighbors wanted to press charges against the Halloween pranksters they answered yes.

"All the destruction, a fun Halloween prank, they need to know that it's personal property," said Hattan.

Hattan says the cost to replace her mailbox is several hundred dollars, but the lesson to the suspected vandals is priceless.