Westar tears down barriers, makes solar power available to every customer

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Solar power isn’t just for Westar Energy customers with solar panels anymore.

Westar announced Monday that they are making solar energy available to every customer.

“Our customers are interested in solar, and Westar’s new program makes solar power easy and available to all our customers,” said Mark Ruelle, president and CEO, Westar Energy.

The Community Solar program is a way for all customers to be able to access solar energy. Westar says that the program is perfect for customers with historic homes, renters and families who want to add solar energy without any upfront cost or debt.

“Community Solar removes the barriers that keep solar limited to just a few customers,” said Ruelle.

Westar will build community solar arrays based on the number of subscriptions they receive. Households that sign up will have access to that energy. Westar says that the estimated additional cost for a household to receive about 15 percent of its electricity through Community Solar is about $10 per month at current electricity prices. During enrollment customers lock in their solar subscription price, which will not change, even as electricity rates fluctuate.

“Community Solar guarantees a locked-in price and is maintenance free,” said Ruelle.

Customers have until March 31 to sign up. Subscriptions range from five to 20 years.

More information about the program can be found online at www.westarenergy.com/communitysolar.