Topekans in for a surprise at 6th annual Hark Christmas Concert Fundraiser

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Topekans were in for a surprise at 6th Annual hark Christmas Concert Fundraiser Saturday night.

The Christmas Concert grew from the Hayden High School band room to the Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center.

Event hosts, Dr. Edward and Lisa Letourneau, are a part of the family behind the music.

"The second year we ran into some issues. My wife had some health problems and the person who was arranging our music that year was not going to be able to arrange the music anymore. So, we didn't think we were going to be able to do the concert," said Dr. Letourneau, event host.

But their daughter had an early christmas present them that year, nine musical friends from Notre Dame.

"These are all my best friends and especially after graduating from Notre Dame we're scattered all over the place. I did a little math and I think in total we've traveled about 11,000 miles to be here this weekend," said Hal Melia, Artistic Director of hark.

"They still come back every year. They stay at our house for three days. We have 18 people sleeping on couches and air matresses and everything. They do it on their own dime, out of the love of their own hearts to do this event," said Dr. Letourneau.

This christmas spectacular is more than music, benefiting Tarc and the Hayden Catholic High School Music Department.

"We raise money so they can buy new instruments and things like that and we believe a lot, greatly in what Tark does for the community," said Lisa Letourneau.

Melia's voice wasn't the only voice that was music to these Topekans ears.

Rex Hudler was the Master of Ceremonies. The hark fundraiser hits home for the TV Color Commentator for the Royals.

"I happen to have a 19 year old son that has up-sydrome. The world calls it down syndrome but we call it upsydrome kids and people that have down syndrome are special. Theyre exciting, they have fun, they have energy, theyre happy!, said Rex Hudler, Master of Ceremonies.

"It's the chance to see great friends make great art and give back. You know, being a part of something that creates a meaningful impact on a couple of very deserving organizations is absolutely fantastic," said Melia.

The Letourneau's say they're happy hark is still alive to touch people on many different notes.

"Hopefully as the years go on everybody will be completely blown away by the music as well," Dr. Letourneau.