Topeka Shelter And Organization Are Helping Homeless In Cold

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While some of us may be in our cozy homes on these cold winter nights, homeless people don't have this luxury. Luckily a local organization and non profit group are reaching out to help.

A homeless man who wants to remain unidentified says he has been living outside in the freezing cold temperatures and it's been a struggle to stay warm.

"You know you have to use your resources, you know to survive," says a Topeka homeless man.

He along with other homeless people came to the Topeka Rescue Mission for food and shelter. Topeka Rescue Mission's Media Coordinator Terry Hund says the mission has a cold weather rule which means when it drops below 40 degrees the mission allows unregistered people in for 10 minutes every hour. Hund says it is a dry facility and they do not let intoxicated people in.

However, Hund says the number of people registering to come into the shelter increased over the weekend.

"As many as maybe as 10 have registered and as many as 4 families or females. So its increased," says Terry Hund.

Amy Hyten is a volunteer with the non-profit group SilverbacKS Kansas. Every Sunday, she and other SilverbacKS handed out 200 heat packets, cookies, 30 blankets, hats and gloves to those in need.

"Here's a couple cookies for your trouble. They got peanut butter in them," said Amy, "it gives you a better understanding of the types of struggles that people have on a day to day basis."

"We worry about them. They are under the bridges or cold. They have been frost bitten and they've lost their feet or hands as a result of having them outside," says Hund.

And the Topeka Rescue Mission visitor says he couldn't be more grateful that he has a warm place to stay before he gets back up on his feet.

"Like I said without the mission I don't know where I would be. That's all I know. I'm thankful," says a Topeka homeless man.