Fake Deadly Wreck Drives Home Important Message

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- A simulated car versus pedestrian accident outside Highland Park High School was created to provide an important safety message to students.

Multiple Topeka Metro buses were lined up obstructing the view of the mock accident scene. Once several hundred Highland Park High School students were seated in the bleachers, the buses pulled away, revealing a horrific scene.

The blood looked real and the ambulance sirens were real.

Emergency personnel and a big crowd of students are all part of a mock crash scenario set up at Highland Park High School.

"This mock incident that we have set up is set up to mark the issue of pedestrian safety. There's been some notable accidents in Topeka in the last several months and we hope to target the issue with students to prevent those preventable accidents," said Sgt. Jennifer Cross with the Topeka Police Department.

"It could happen to a kid, an adult, a cat, a dog, anyone," says Andrew Jackson, Highland Park High School student.

In the reenactment, two students were hit by a car as they crossed the street. The driver of the silver Mitsubishi was texting and driving at the time of the mock accident, killing one student and critically injuring the other.

"Some things you can talk to especially kids, teenagers, but seeing it, you know, you can scare somebody into doing the right thing," said Highland Park High School senior, Kameron Clark.

"I hope that everyone learns from it not just my friends. I want people to be a lot safer in the streets around here. The basic message is we need to be aware of our surroundings when we are walking and when we are driving." said Jackson.

"We will always have them in our hearts," cries the principal in a mock obituary speech.

Students got the message saying they will take the necessary safety precautions so this mock scenario doesn't become real for them.

"Be careful on the roads," said John Cooper, a Highland Park High School student.

"I'm keeping it safe and following the law! That's it." said Tommy Fields, Highland Park High School student.

Personnel from the Topeka Police Department, Topeka Fire Department, American Medical Response and First Call transportation all took part in the mock exercise.