Topeka Metro Announces Partnership With Google Maps

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TOPEKA, Kan. -- The Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority announced Tuesday (10/23) that it has partnered with Google Maps in developing an on-line trip planning tool.

Topeka Metro riders will now be able to plan their trip from Point A to Point B by logging on to the Topeka Metro website at Instructions for use can also be found at this link.

Users will enter a starting point, a destination point, and desired departure or arrival time. They will then be directed to Google Maps, where the trip will be mapped, including information on which route(s) to take, estimated time and cost savings related to vehicle use.

A mobile app is also available. Users can go to on their mobile device browser and follow the instructions for downloading.

Metro officials said in a news release Tuesday, "Topeka Metro is excited to offer this enhancement to its customers and believes it will be a very useful tool, especially to those that are visiting or new to the bus system. This planning tool gives passengers the freedom and opportunity to plan their trips at their convenience, day or night."

“As part of Google’s commitment to develop useful public-private partnerships, we are pleased to welcome Topeka Metro to Google Maps” said Ryan Poscharsky, Strategic Partner Manager at Google. “This partnership shows Topeka Metro’s commitment to innovating, serving their riders, and attracting new riders.”