Thief Caught On Camera Stealing From Wichita Pet Store Employee

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)-- Wichita police are looking for a man who stole thousands of dollars worth of an employee's belongings from a pet store. It happened yesterday morning during business hours at Petland in east Wichita.

While most people in the store were looking at cute animals like puppies or birds, one man was on a mission for money.

"He came in and zigzagged and came right down this way this is actually where I was doing labels," says Petland manager Josh Obermeyer.

Obermeyer tells KAKE News the thief walked right behind him along the far aisle of the store on his way to the office.

"Straight in, looked around, checked out the purses and saw the stuff that we have back there when we usually aren't using it."

An employee noticed her stuff was missing just a couple hours later. Management pulled up surveillance video that shows a man wearing a black hat and brown coveralls going through three purses until he finds one with an iPhone 6 and several credit, debit and gift cards as well as some cash.

"It's unbelievable honestly, it's shocking to know that this happened and you didn't know about it," says Obermeyer. "It was literally right behind me passing by and you just couldn't stop it."

Obermeyer says employees are often going in and out of the office that was left unlocked at the time.

"It seems like it would've been I see an opportunity and came back through and did it."

Employees say they believe this had to of been pre-planned. He walked down the aisle with the least amount of surveillance cameras, but there was no hiding from the one in the office.

"Starts checking everything and walked straight back out as if he knew already the path," says Obermeyer.

Petland has boosted security since the theft, first by activating the paddle-lock to their office.