State Responds After 'Nursing Home Nightmare' Investigation

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ANDOVER, Kan. (KAKE)-- New details have emerged since a KAKE News I-Team story aired into abuse allegations at a nursing home in Andover.

On Tuesday, KAKE News told you about two nursing assistants who, back in May, the state said continually verbally abused a patient—abuse that was caught on hidden camera planted by the victim’s family.

When we checked, their names did not appear on a Kansas registry of CNAs with findings of abuse.

That has changed.

Since our story aired, the Department of Aging told KAKE News that at least one of those names now appears on the abuse registry. The department is still looking into the other one.

“Reports that were made by employees. Nothing was followed through. Nothing was acted upon. And I think it got to the point that things were just not reported anymore, because they knew that supervisors weren’t going to do anything about it,“ said Dan Girouix, attorney for the victim’s family.

Giroux says he hopes, through a civil suit he has filed against Victoria Falls Nursing Home in Andover, that more of the facts will come out and maybe the state will get better and policing nursing home workers who abuse loved ones.

If you suspect your loved one is being abused, call the Department of Aging abuse hotline at 1-800-842-0078.