Rep. Jenkins urges voters to do their homework

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- With a year before the 2016 presidential election, one Kansas representative is not thinking too much about polls at this point.

Representative Lynn Jenkins was in Topeka Tuesday at Midland Care. She was touring the facilities day program. During her trips home she likes to see what the people in Kansas need when she heads back to Washington.

She says that the presidential polls being released are more about name recognition that who will be the candidate on the ballot in 2016 and she is urging voters to do their homework.

“I think everyone ought to be watching these debates and doing their due diligence about the candidates and finding out what their vision for America is,” said Jenkins. “And what they intend to do on the international front, on the domestic front. That’s our job as voters and I hope people are taking it very seriously.”