Ralliers March For 60 Year Brown Vs. Board Anniversary

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)_ 60 years ago Saturday, a Kansas Supreme Court decision tore down the walls of public school segregation paving the way for nation-wide integration.

Lucinda Noches Talbert's grandmother was at the center of the Brown vs. Board ruling. Her grandmother, Lucinda Todd, was one of 13 plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case.

"Although there has been progress, we still have not realized my grandmother's dream! Our public schools are still separate and still unequal," Lucinda said in front of a crowd.

Lucinda rallied with dozens of teachers, students, and people from all over the nation, marching from the Brown vs. Board site to the Capitol in effort to bring awareness to inequities that Lucinda says still exist in Kansas schools.

"I'm marching today because the work is not done. We need some policy changes. We need legislators to wake up and understand and we are in this together," said Lucinda.

Tammy Malone came out all the way from Texas. "60 years ago we wouldn't be able to walk together. It's sad that our country was that way but segregation is still alive and we thought maybe we killed it," she says.

Lucinda says we have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.

"I think it's also been a good time to reflect on where we're at as a society and if you ask if we have accomplished my grandmothers dream, I think she would say we have not," says Lucinda.