Police Say Hays Home Invasion Report A Cruel Hoax

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HAYS, Kan. (AP) _ Federal investigators are working with Hays police to find out who made a prank call last week that prompted law enforcement to surround a home where officers thought a home invasion had just happened.

Police Chief Don Scheibler says the home's occupants were victims of what is called ``swatting,'' in which someone falsely called police to report a serious crime was underway.

The Hays Daily News reports police received a 911 call at 5:14 p.m. Wednesday in which the caller, claiming to be a child in the house, reported seven people with guns had entered the home, and that his father had been struck on the head.

Investigators determined the incident was a ``cruel hoax. The FBI and a local high-tech crime unit are helping with the investigation.

Posted by Greg Palmer