Police Make 115 Arrests During Annual Manhattan Celebration

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) -- It's an event that attracts people from across the region and helps give Manhattan businesses a boost but the annual Fake Patty's Day celebration in the Aggieville has stirred up some controversy in the past. This year, officials say the massive party was a "very managed event" thanks to local authorities and the numbers of incidents and arrests were comparable to last year's event.

Fake Patty's Day was held on March 9, 2013 in the Aggieville District. Since Saint Patrick’s Day falls during Kansas State University’s spring break, “Fake Patty’s Day” is held the weekend before students leave. Streets in Aggieville are shut down and crowds fill local bars and businesses to celebrate.

In past years, the event has been associated with many negative issues including overcrowding, public intoxication, traffic congestion, illegal parking, acts of violence, trash nuisances and out of control house parties in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Riley County Police Department assigned its staff for overlapping shifts during peak times to maximize police presence. In addition, officers from the following agencies assisted: Kansas State University Police Department, Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, Junction City Police Department, Emporia Police Department, Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and Riley County Community Corrections.

Officials said there were no major incidents, accidents or injuries to report this year.

"I think we’ve reached a point of equilibrium. The crime was down slightly, our enforcement was up which is what we want. We want to have a strong enforcement which we think reduces the calls for service, the crimes and so I think overall, things went fairly well," said Captain Kurt Moldrup, who oversees the RCPD's patrol division.

RCPD released the following statistics from 7 AM Saturday - 7 AM Sunday:

Citizen-generated calls for service- 279 (In 2012, there were 275.)

Criminal reports filed by RCPD- 103 (In 2012, there were 152.)

Custody arrests- 115 (Last year, there were 107.)

Alcohol-related incidents- 15.8% increase compared to 2012

Open containers- 225 (In 2012, there were 161.)

Minor in Possession- 86 (In 2012, there were 75.)

Most arrested offense- Disorderly Conduct

According to Riley County EMS Director Larry Couchman, the numbers for his agency were virtually the same as 2012 for Fake Patty's Day.

From 12 AM Saturday - 6 AM Sunday they had 64 calls for service- 46 calls were Fake Patty's Day-related

There were 12 ambulance transports.

Couchman says 21 patients were seen at the Emergency Room at Mercy Regional Health Center in connection with Fake Patty's Day- 10 patients suffered from alcohol-related problems and 11 had other complaints (falls, lacerations, facial injuries, trauma).

The lowest blood alcohol level seen at the hospital was .13.

The highest blood alcohol level was a 20-year-old with a .421, more than 5 times over the legal limit, Couchman said.

According to a RCPD spokesman, the department spent $36,831.48 on enforcing the event in 2012. The cost includes salary, supplies, etc. necessary for operating on that day. Other emergency services and city offices had additional costs.