Police: Suspect Used Chain In West Ridge Beating

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The 17 year-old suspect used a chain wrapped around his fist when he attacked another man at West Ridge Mall over the weekend, according to the Topeka Police Dept.

Investigators believe the fight started following an argument between the suspect and someone who was with the victim. The suspect allegedly hit him several times, then stole his shoes.

Officers were called to the mall shortly 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. By then, the suspect had taken off. The victim described him as a black teen, about 6' tall and 180 lbs., wearing a black tee shirt, blue jeans, and Jordan shoes.

The victim was taken to hospital for treatment. Witness's say his nose and cheekbone were broken.

The investigation is still ongoing. Persons with any information may call Crime Stoppers at (785) 234-0007, detectives at (785) 368-9400 or visit Crimestoppers.org.

"The safety of our mall patrons is our number one priority," said a West Ridge Mall spokesperson in a statement. "The types of behavior displayed are strictly prohibited by our Code of Conduct. We take these situations very seriously, and are working closely with TPD as they continue their investigation."