Pinwheels Planted To Symbolize Child Abuse Awareness

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A rally at the Statehouse Thursday served as a way to remember April as Child Abuse Awareness month.

Members of the Kansas Children's Service League joined with Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Governor Sam Brownback to speak on the issues of child abuse in Kansas.

"Unfortunately, the numbers are not good on what's happening on child abuse," said Brownback.

It's an unfortunate, but true statement, many organization like KCSL are trying to reverse.

"Each year, we reach more than 40,000 children across the state of Kansas, with an array of child abuse prevention strategies," said KCSL President Dona Booe.

To recognize that number of cases, and those that go unreported, KCSL invited Topeka preschoolers to be part of the National Pinwheel Campaign.

"It symbolizes the carefree, joyful way of childhood that every child deserves to experience," said Booe.

The children planted their pinwheels in front of the Statehouse, in the hopes to plant a message to end child abuse in Kansas.

"Let's make this a better place. Let's make it better for these kids as we move forward," said Brownback.

If you suspect a child is being abused, you can call the Kansas Protection Report Center at 1-800-922-5330.