Penguins... On Parade... In Santa Suits! You're Welcome

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YONGIN, South Korea (CBS) -- Christmas is still a week away, but a handful of penguins are bringing the festive cheers to a zoo in South Korea.

On Wednesday, at an amusement park on the outskirts of capital Seoul, visitors, children and adults alike, were delighted by the sight of penguins strutting about in Santa suits.

"The penguins are dressed in Christmas costumes, so we are here to bring more entertainment to visitors, as we are welcoming Christmas," said 21-year-old zoo keeper Seo Da-yeon.

The children were thrilled to see the penguins.

"They are very cute and lovely. Penguins are very cute," said 9-year-old South Korean child Ji Yoo-rim.

The penguins are set to welcome park visitors everyday until Christmas with a mini-parade.

Christmas is a major holiday in South Korea, home to one of Asia's largest Christian populations.