Pedestrian Dies In Southeast Wichita Hit-And-Run

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) _ Police are looking for a van they say hit and killed a bicyclist Thursday night at Pawnee and Oliver in southeast Wichita.

Officer Jose Salcedo says two bicyclists were heading down Oliver near the curb around 9:50 p.m., when one of them was hit from behind by the van driver. Salcedo doubts the cyclists ever knew the van was approaching them.

Salcedo says the van driver tried to drive away, but a "very courageous citizen" noted his tag number and followed him. The driver was stopped a short distance away, but it was unclear Friday morning if he will face charges.

The victim is described as a woman in her thirties. No name has been released. Salcedo admitted to reporters they found no sign of bike helmets at the collision point, but he said helmets probably would not have prevented the woman's death.

Traffic was diverted around the crash site for several hours. Drizzle was falling when the collision occurred, but it's not clear if the weather was a factor.