Owner Of The Atchison County Lake Alligator Has Come Forward

Courtesy: KAIR-FM
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Waylon Saxton the owner of the alligator that was shot and wounded in the snout before being rescued from Atchison County Lake has been located, interviewed and unlikely to face charges.

Fishermen spotted the three-foot-long alligator Saturday. Atchison County officials captured it and took it to a sanctuary in Missouri.

Experts say the bullet traveled between the gator's eyes through its body,but he is expected to recover.

Saxton did apologize for the hassle and apologized for not reporting it three weeks ago. He said he was fearful that someone would kill Cletus.

He does plan on bringing Cletus back home. Saxton did state that if he ever decided to put Cletus outside again it would be a secured pen where others would not have access.

Alligators are not on the dangerous regulated animals list in Kansas and there is no law that governs possession of alligators at this time.