No hate crime at Emporia State, internal investigation finds

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EMPORIA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Emporia State University says an internal investigation found no evidence of a hate crime or racial discrimination at its School of Library and Information Management, also known as SLIM.

The investigation was launched on July 10th. It involved allegations by Angelica Hale, a former ESU dean's assistant, and her husband Melvin Hale, an assistant professor for SLIM.

The Hales say they endured a hostile work environment since reporting someone left a notebook with a racial slur in Angelica Hale's graduate assistant's office.

Interim ESU President Dr. Jackie Vietti said two external experts reviewed the university's findings and methods.

“While any action, slur or otherwise, that marginalizes any member or group of Hornet Nation is reprehensible, it is now time for us to move forward and continue to work together for a better, stronger Hornet Nation in order to achieve our vision of changing lives to serve the common good,” said Vietti.

Even with the findings in the school's favor, Vietti says she'll form a task force of faculty, staff, and students to develop a plan for building a more inclusive campus.