Nebraska teen attacked on school bus

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) A Nebraska 13-year-old was violently attacked on her school bus and her family says they want to see consequences for the assault.

Looking back on the incident, Jazmin Huisman said, "I don't want to go back on that bus."

The eighth-grader says she is terrified to ride her school bus after the beating that happened Tuesday at the hands of a Lewis Central High School sophomore. “She just kept going and going and going," Jazmin said.

In an exclusive interview with the WOWT 6 News team, Jazmin and her father, John Huisman, said the incident started when the teen kept throwing objects at Jazmin and her friends and Jazmin decided to retaliate.

Jazmin told us, “As she was going off the bus I threw this little piece of paper at her and then she got mad and just started pounding up on me."

John Huisman said, “Probably 10 times within 10 seconds that she was just, left - right and just kept on hitting her."

The incident was captured on video by another student on the bus. You can hear Jazmin screaming for help.

Jazmin still shakes thinking of those scary moments. “Like, why? Why would you do that?"

They say the teen was pulled off the bus by the driver. Meanwhile, Jazmin returned home crying and with bruises on her face.

John said, “It's a very brutal thing that happened and it's only a 10 second video, but just watching someone whaling on my daughter, it just kills me."

Huisman said the girl was arrested and Council Bluffs Police say she now faces misdemeanor assault charges.

Lewis Central High School Principal, Dr. Joel Beyenhof, said the video is disturbing.

He said, “Anytime students are physical with each other, it's terrible. There's nothing good about that. It was disturbing."

The principal could not say how this student was disciplined, but did say that students can face up to 10 days suspension for a fight. He also said if they find that this is an ongoing incident, this student could be penalized further, including not being allowed to ride the bus.

Huisman said bullying is at the center of this violent incident. Jazmin claims she and her friends have been targeted by the teen nearly every day but this was the first physical encounter.

She had this message for the teen: “Just, like, stop doing it. It really hurts people. It doesn't help you in any other way."

We did reach out to the teen's family. They said they do not want to comment at this time.

Huisman said he does plan to press charges and that he does not want his daughter on the bus unless the teen is off.