Monroe Lockhart Sentenced To Over 9 Years On 5 Felony Counts

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TOPEKA Kan. (WIBW)__Monroe Lockhart will serve 116 months in prison, nearly two years shorter than the amount prosecutors requested.

Prosecutors say Lockhart along with Jacob Burnett and Anthony Talbert broke into a southeast Topeka home in November of 2011 to recover items Lockhart believed were from his store, Mo's Express.

The defense argued that Monroe was not the lead man and that the prosecution used Talbert and Burnett's testimonies against their client for personal gain.

Lockharts family believed the jury was fed information before the trial even took place. Aunt Clarissa Hudson said, "There is no way the jury didn't read the paper before the trial. They formed there own opinion before any of the evidence came out."

Shawnee County District Court Judge Mark Braun talked directly to Lockhart saying had he simply phoned the police about his stolen items and not handled matters in his own way, he would never had gotten into this situation. Judge Brown said, "911 is the easiest way."

Defense attorney Linda Eckleman told the court Lockhart's past criminal history only contained misdemeanors and that should be taken into consideration by the courts.

In the end, Judge Braun ruled that Monroe Lockhart is to serve nine years and six months in the State Secretary of Corrections.

Judge Mark Braun will allow the Shawnee County DA's office to investigate Lockhart's current assets, before waiving any attorney fees.