Meet the newborn named after the Kansas City Royals!

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CNN) -- The Kansas City Royals are one win from reaching the World Series for a second straight year and one woman is such a big fan, she named her newborn son after the team.

Royal Titus Overmyer is ten days old and has a name that already carries a lot of excitement.

"We love the name, it`s a cute, adorable name, and then we love our boys in blue of course," his mom Audra Henry said.

Henry and her fiance grew up in the Kansas City-area. They've always been Royals fans.

'It was the only name that me and my fiance could agree on,' she said.

So they went for it. They knew, even in the womb that this Royal baby would be special, especially in one sonogram where he rocks a peace sign.

Since he was born, the Royals have won five out of eight games and now they're a win away from the World Series. So, naturally, Audra thinks, "he's a good luck charm for the Royals."

Good luck charm for the Royals or not, Audra says there's no doubt the little boy has been the best part of her life so far. She hopes the little bundle of joy can bring joy to others - just like her favorite player, Salvy - does.

"I love Perez," she says. "I love his attitude, just for the game, he's always happy and he`s always the one dumping ice on people."

And, who knows? He may even follow the same career path.