Topeka Mayor's Plan To Fund Budget Not Widely Accepted

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A plan by Topeka Mayor Bill Bunten to fund cuts to the proposed 2012 budget, was not accepted by all city council members Monday night.

The mayor is proposing $2 million of $12 million, in access funds from the city's utility fund be used. But other city officials say that would make it more difficult to spend cash on city projects.

"You won't have to cut so deeply into these budgets for different departments. For example, cars," said Mayor Bill Bunten.

He is talking about a proposed $500,000 cut to police and fire vehicles. The proposed budget also cuts $287,000 from 30 social service agencies, such as Housing and Credit Counseling Incorporated and the Topeka Boys and Girls Club.

People who have signed up to speak to council members about the budget, will do so Tuesday night. Council members hope to approve the budget on August 16th.