MELISSA'S BLOG: Finding The Right Word

(WIBW) - I struggle with the appropriate word to use when greeting someone on Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a holiday. Normally, holidays are happy occasions and we wish someone a happy day.

However, Memorial Day is different. It is a day we honor those who lost their lives defending our country and its freedoms. Loss of life does not seem an occasion to celebrate. I hesitate to wish a veteran a happy Memorial Day when they are morning their brothers- and sisters-in-arms who did not come home. Even in the wider meaning the day takes for many of us, where we remember all our loved ones who have passed, happy does not seem the right word. Grief at losing those we love never truly ends.

Then again, was happiness not the goal of those who came before us? Our service members lay down their lives to defend our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our loved ones likely wish nothing but happiness for those they left behind. Would they not want us to be happy as we honor their sacrifice and memory?

Still, happy just seems awkward for me. I suppose that leaves me with the rather simple word good. I hope you have a good Memorial Day. May it be a day in which you find peace and comfort in remembering your loved ones, and may you be humbled by the sacrifice our service members made for you to be free.

Whether your day is filled with many happy moments or many moments of quiet reflection, may you have a good Memorial Day.