Loaded Guns In Cars Legalized In Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Now that the city of Topeka has approved the 2012 Uniform Public Offense Code, openly transporting a loaded firearm in your car will be legal. The new ordinance takes effect next Monday, December 10, according to City spokeswoman Suzie Gilbert.

"Shawnee County allows the open transportation of loaded weapons, but the city of Topeka had up to now, prohibited that," Topeka Police Chief Ron Miller said. In most of the State of KS, that's the same way. You can transport a firearm, in cars loaded."

Others say it could only lead to trouble.

"My main concern is children. There are children that ride in cars as well. A loaded gun with children in the car, is not a good thing."

"It's fine in the county, but in the city it makes me worried for my safety, and my kids safety, bc we dont' bring loaded guns into town."

"Is this an idea l situation 5:53? absolutely not," It's a compromise solution, Miller said.

To appease both advocates of the second amendment and those who want to see more gun control city staff worked with local Second Amendment advocates to allow law-abiding citizens to carry loaded guns in their vehicles, but ban gun possession by those who commit crimes.

Miller said another new ordinance will be proposed to council next week. He says it will give officers another tool in fighting misdemeanor crimes.

"So the idea was to draft an ordinance that made possessing a weapon during the commission of certain misdemeanor crimes a violation of city ordinance," Miller said.

That new ordinance, if passed, would mean that carrying a firearm during specific misdemeanors include theft, assault or battery, stalking, theft, would be an additional chargeable offense.