Kansas Man Shoots Suspect During Break-In

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VALLEY CENTER, Kan. (AP) — A man was shot in the head after attempting to break into a family's home Sunday morning near Tyler Road and 73rd street, just west of Valley Center.

Police say the homeowner pulled the trigger after the intruder broke through his kitchen window and tried to crawl in. The homeowner told police he was defending his wife and three children.

Neighbors say the homeowner is a pastor who is well liked in the community. Dave Duncan lives a couple houses down from him and says he supports the decision.

"Contact the NRA because that's an armed citizen taking care of business," says Duncan.

The bullet struck the man's forehead, but didn't go through his skull. He immediately fled the scene.

Neighbors tell KAKE News they saw police and emergency crews lining the road and knew something serious was going on. They say they also keep loaded guns at home to protect against burglars.

"I would have probably treated them the same way," says Robert Christians.

"Probably the same thing," says Duncan. "Hopefully they wouldn't have needed a body bag. I think the guy that was trying to break in is real lucky that he wasn't killed."

The intruder was found along the road by officers a short time later. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for serious injuries. He was released and then booked for aggravated burglary.

Neighbors say they have been hearing about more burglaries and suspicious behavior in the area for a couple months now.

"Burglars stay away," says Duncan. "Who knows. It's scary, because if I would have been gone and they would've been here they would've went in."

Christians makes sure to lock the doors at night, but says he'll have to lock them at all times now considering this happened in broad daylight.

"Makes me feel like I should go out further into the country where this doesn't take place."

The intruder remains in Sedgwick County Jail on the aggravated burglary charge and could face other charges as well. Police say the homeowner is not facing any charges.