Kobach: Obama Could Ban Prosecutions of African Americans

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TOPEKA (WIBW) -- Kansas Democrats were quick to offer criticisms of Secretary of State Kris Kobach's remarks on his Sunday evening radio show in which he said it would not be a "huge jump" to predict the White House would look into banning prosecutions of African American criminals.

KDP Executive Director Jason Perkey fired back, "We didn't think it was possible, but Kris Kobach has sunk to an all-time low. This week during his radio show the infamous Kansas Secretary of State echoed one his caller's assertions that President Obama is intentionally discriminating against white people."

Kobach was responding to a caller's claim the Obama Administration would put an end to prosecutions of black criminals.

Kobach, who's one of the chief architects of the anti-immigrant movement’s legal and legislative strategies, told the caller on KCMO in Kansas City last week that while he thought it was “unlikely,” it would not be a “huge jump” to predict that the Obama administration could call an end to the prosecutions of African Americans for any crime.

Kobach told listeners that “I’ve learned to say with this president, never say never.”

The state's Democratic party likened the comments to hate speech.

Their statement on Thursday says: "We are sick and tired of Kobach's war on our civil rights. We are sick and tired of Kobach's attacks on equality, immigrants, minorities, and anyone else who doesn't look, sound, and act like him."

Kobach told his weekend listeners the President has given Americans clues through his public statements that civil rights laws only protect minorities, and he was not going to enforce them to the benefits of whites who face discrimination.

“Well, it’s already happened more or less in the case of civil rights laws,” Kobach responded.