Journalist From Pakistan Talks About Airport Attack


(WIBW/CBS) - A journalist from Pakistan who is spending time in the WIBW-TV newsroom shared his perspective on a terrorist attack on his country's major airport.

The Pakistani Taliban says its fighters, some disguised as police, pulled off a deadly overnight attack on Pakistan's international airport in Karachi.

The ten attackers drove up to the VIP and cargo area in two minivans, then started firing automatic weapons and rocket launchers. They killed at least 18 people before Pakistani forces stormed the terminal. After a five-hour standoff, the militants were killed.

Journalist Ahmed Ali is on a three-week fellowship, observing in the WIBW-TV newsroom as part of a U.S.-Pakistan journalist exchange program. He says the Karachi airport has tight security. He said people go through checks of luggage and body screenings, similar to what is found at U.S. airports.

He also said Sunday night's attack was unusual, but the Taliban itself is a familiar presence. He said this is perhaps the third attack he recalls on such a large spectrum. However, he said Taliban does do different activities in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan. He says Pakistan's armed forces and army is continuously fighting the group.

Ahmed said he has heard journalists and other people are not being allowed inside the airport building while the search continues for people who are still believed to be missing. He says some family members of people who are missing have been protesting outside the airport.

The Taliban said the airport attack was retaliation for a U.S. drone strike last November that killed one of their leaders.