FBI Increasing Presence On Topeka Streets

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Topeka Police expect an increased federal law enforcement presence, to help them continue their crackdown on armed robbers.

At TPD's quarterly crime update last week, police Major Mike Haugen said federal officers assisted his Special Operations Division in breaking up a seven-member armed robbery gang.

He says group members admitted to more than 40 business robberies in Topeka in the last six years.

Officers also apprehended a multi-state robbery crew whose crimes stretched from the mid-west to Utah.

"We have FBI agents that work with our street officers that are actually federal agents that work daily with our street officers that partnership is immeasurable in terms of cooperation and professionalism," Topeka Police Chief, Ron Miller.

Chief Miller said the FBI plans to add more agents, including a resident agent, to focus on the Topeka area.