"I Don't Feel Lucky Watching Her Suffer" | Topeka Woman Devoted To Community Service Faces Cancer

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)_ "You know everybody has their personal thing for them and for me it's the kids," says 41-year-old Jennifer Quinn.

She lives each day for the kids.

"She really is the center of the family. It's our 'Brady Bunch'", says her husband, Jude.

Just like the Brady Bunch, Jennifer and Jude have 6 kids. They also devote time to their organization, Silver Suppers (a division of SilverbackKS), a volunteer group that provides meals for Topeka students at or below poverty level.

"It's been a pretty good program, we've made 6,000 meals so far," says Jennifer.

However, months of stomach pains forced Jennifer to spend less time helping the kids and focus more time on herself. It wasn't until she visited a doctor at the Mayo Clinic...

"He said it was really bad news," said Jennifer.

"That's when I knew it was a death sentence," says Jude.

She was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer. Her cancer was undetectable by a CT scan or MRI and there is no cure.

"I learned that this was extremely rare, extremely deadly, extremely fast moving cancer," says Jude.

She can't eat solid foods and has to eat and drink through a feeding tube. Doctors say they don't know how much time Jennifer has left.

"Kind of deal with it one day at a time and make the best of time we have," says Jennifer.

"When she is in extreme pain and she's hurting and she's crying and she's scared, that's not quite Jennifer. When she sleeps most the day because she's so exhausted and the kids can't play with her, that's not quite Jennifer. So, I don't feel lucky watching her suffer. I don't feel lucky seeing her scared. I don't feel lucky watching her body deteriorate. I don't feel lucky because she's living in Hell. There are times they are going to need her and they are not going to have her," cries Jude.

So, her family is grabbing a camera to make sure she will be in their lives forever.

"So, the kids can not only see her and hear her voice because that's one of the things that you lose and that might be the closest thing she can get to a phone call to ask Mom to say how do I get through this, how do I get through my wedding day, I'm nervous about being a Mom," says Jude.

"My kids are my legacy and my family, and they are pretty amazing themselves," Jennifer smiles.

Jennifer has also been a surrogate to 2 sets of twins for 2 different families. The Quinn family has not asked for any help, but if you would like to donate towards Jennifer's medical expenses you can on the "Team Quinn" Facebook page.