Horton teacher responds to rant on Facebook regarding gun control

Alisa Britt's Facebook post about President Obama's executive action to increase gun control. 13 NEWS blacked out the obscene language.
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Horton High School teacher Alisa Britt posted an obscenity filled letter about her opinion on President Obama's executive action to increase gun control.

Britt contacted 13 NEWS Friday afternoon, after our story came to her attention. She spoke with WIBW-TV News Director Jon Janes, asking him not to use her name in this story.

While on the phone, Britt said the angry post was removed soon after it went up. She clarified she was trying to get a point across that gun control the president is calling for is not an infringement of the Second Amendment's freedoms.

She told Janes she did not want to issue a statement, but that she did not mean that people who oppose gun control deserve to have their children, siblings or spouses shot. She continued to say that nobody deserves to have their children killed.

Britt said most of her friends agree with the point she was trying to make, but that there were, what she called, "crazy people" trying to take her posting out of context.

Britt's post was brought to 13 NEWS' attention on Thursday, after a viewer sent it to us.

A key sentence was her criticism of gun control opponents, when she said," You are the one's who deserve to have your children shot, or your sibling, or your spouse, or the kid next door who never hurt anyone."

Horton School District parents have become concerned with Britt's approach to voicing her opinion.

One parent, Andrew Monson, wrote a Facebook post asking other parents to take action with him to remove Britt from her teaching position.

Monson told 13 NEWS he is still working on a plan, trying to rally what he says is a decent number of people to protest.

13 NEWS will be checking with the USD 430 School District on whether it will take any action related to Britt's posting.