Faith Leaders Rally To Repeal Death Penalty

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Faith leaders gathered Tuesday to lobby against the death penalty in Kansas.

The Kansas Coalition against the Death Penalty rallied to repeal the state’s capital punishment law. They want lawmakers to replace it with a life in prison sentence. More then 420 faith leaders signed a letter supporting repealing the law that was presented to lawmakers. The group cites mistakes and costs as a reason life imprisonment is a better option.

“Kansans of faith know the risk of sentencing to death of someone who is innocent and people of faith also understand that the death penalty is causing a real fiscal damage to out counties and to the state,” said Donna Schnewis, board member of KCATDP.

The group estimates that it costs about $460,000 more for a case that ends in the death penalty than a case that does not. Kansas has not executed a prisoner since capital punishment was re-instated in 1994.