FAA Allows K-State Salina To Use Drones Statewide

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SALINA, Kan. (AP) — Federal authorities say the Kansas State University-Salina will be able to use unmanned aircraft across the state, with several restrictions.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Tuesday that the school will be able to expand its research across Kansas, including over private property with the owner's permission.

Program manager Mark Blanks says the aircraft would be used for such things as researching drought stress and bug infestation.

The Salina Journal reports the permission comes with several restrictions. For example, all flights must stay below 700 feet and be during the day. And the controller must maintain sight with the vehicle. Also, missions cannot fly over heavily used roads or an outside gathering of people.

Blanks also stressed that the university doesn't plan to compete with private companies.

Correction From Earlier Story: The previous story from AP miss-identified the school as Kansas University at Salina instead of Kansas State University at Salina