Emporia Hostess Plant Reopens, Twinkies Back Late Summer

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EMPORIA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A company that once laid off roughly 500 employees in Emporia has new life. The city's Hostess plant opened its doors again.

After the damaging blow of Hostess Brands closing its doors last November, the city is now celebrating at that same building.

The Twinkie is back!

The Hostess plant in Emporia is re-launching its baking production, and more than 300 people in the Emporia area will call Hostess, LLC. their employer.

Governor Sam Brownback thanked the new owners for recognizing that so many people are happy to have new jobs and happy to do the work at the plant.

"It's been here for over 50 years, it's going to be here for another 50 years with these iconic American products made here in Emporia, Kansas."

Bankruptcy forced the Hostess plant to shut down operations last November, but after a new owner paid $410 million in April, the purchase opened the door for the plant to come back, churnign out all the classic Twinkie and Ding Dong snacks.

They're calling it the "sweetest comeback in the history of ever."

Reopening is also a treat for new owners Apollow Global Management and Metropoulos and Co. Hostess' new president said Emporia is the company's flagship bakery.

"Our strong partnership strengthens our company and provides a strong economic engine for this community in the long-term," President Rich Saben said.

Emporia Mayor Rob Gilligan expressed the city's gratitude for continuing 50 years of tradition since the Dolly Madison plant opened in 1963.

"The partners have seen the excitement of our community, the commitment that the city of Emporia has to our community, and we appreciate that."

The company will initially add 250 jobs with the goal of adding more over the next several years.

And the final Hostess good news of the whole event - you will be able to snag a box of Twinkies in late summer.