Drone summit has Kansas buzzing

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- An emerging technology put industry leaders and beginners in the same room for the Kansas Unmanned Aerial System Summit.

The Summit steered a diverse audience to the National Center for Aviation Training on Thursday.

People from all over Kansas came together to network and learn about the benefits of UAS, otherwise known as drones.

Guest presenters shared insights from earlier workshops and previewed the potential for UAS in commercial operations, agriculture, public safety, research and surveying.

Beginners took part in UAS 101, "what you need to know before you drone", while seasoned professionals extended their knowledge in an "Applications Now and Beyond” session, which led to a guided discussion on business development, safety issues and privacy issues.

"The more controversial issue is privacy and everyone is concerned about privacy. So, we don't want the public to be afraid of them, but embrace them for the benefits that they could bring," said Tiffany Brown, Director of Aviation for the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Tiffany Brown said discussions at the Kansas UAS Summit will go to the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation; then, hopes it will reach the office of the governor.