Convicted Felon Starts New Life In House Of Joshua

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Back in April, 13 News introduced you to the House of Joshua. It's a home in Topeka that helps convicted felons released from prison start a new life.

"I'm capable of doing bad things," said Allen Randol.

Allen Randol was convicted of murder when he 19-years-old. He was behind bars for 40 years.

"I wanted to completely give up the life that I had before. I didn't want no part of that person anymore," he says.

Now, Allen is starting anew. He and other convicted felons released from prison live in the House of Joshua, a disciple-ship home for Christian men to get back on the right track.

"It gave me an opportunity to meet others who are in the same sort of traumatic situation," said Allen.

Each day to help them do that the men take bible study classes and mentors help them find a job.

"We don't care what they have done in the past. We don't care, so it is important for a man to come out of prison with morals that he didn't have when he came out," said Andy Crook, House Director.

And so far, its been a success.

"Yes it has. It's been tremendous changes of character for the better as a result of it," said John Zobel, Ministry Leader.

Allen plans to keep moving forward "and do good things, and care for people," he says.

Crook said 10 men have lived in the house, and five have already moved out and found jobs.

He also told says they are still trying to raise money to renovate the house. If you would like to donate money to help, just go to the House of Joshua Facebook page.