Candidate Lodges Concern Over Re-Vote With Secretary Of State

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Republican House candidate Shanti Gandhi took his concern over an August 28th special election to the Kansas Secretary of State.

Gandhi told 13 News he sent a letter to Kris Kobach's office Wednesday, questioning the Shawnee County Board of Canvasser's authority to cancel results of one election and hold another.

The board voted Monday to allow the revote for 426 voters given wrong ballots on primary day at the Light of the World Christian Church polling location, causing them to vote in the incorrect House district race.

Gandhi ended the night with a 41 vote lead over Dick Jones in the 52nd district GOP contest. A third candidate, Scott Hesse, also will remain on the special ballot.

Gandhi says he is confident he will prevail in the revote, but is concerned there's no statute for such a situation.

On a related note, CJ Online reported Wednesday that County Counselor Rich Eckert plans to release the names of the eligible voters to those who filed open records requests for them. That includes the Gandhi and Jones campaigns, the newspaper and the organization Kansans for Life.