COX Cable Says Ch 12 Interference Will Continue In Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- The Channel 12, KSQA signal broadcasting in downtown Topeka is causing issues for some COX Cable customers. The signal from KSQA is causing interference for customers watching WIBW-TV over cable in part of Downtown Topeka.

COX Cable has released the following information on the issue:

“This will be an ongoing issue as long as there is an off-air channel 12 broadcasting from downtown Topeka.”

Please continue to urge these folks to call Cox so we can setup a truck roll to troubleshoot their individual problem.

99% of this type of issue is at the customer premise.
Anything that compromises the shielding of a coaxial cable will allow off-air signals in (ingress).

Cable connectors can become loose, dogs will chew exposed cable.
On people's homes, trees wind and weather can damage aerial cable, squirrels will chew aerial cable and damaged underground cable will corrode and deteriorate.

As our (COX) customers call in we (COX) will set up a time that is most convenient for them to send a :(COX) tech to their home to identify and repair the problem.