After School app spreads cyber bullying | Creators say it prevents it

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- A new app is spreading negativity in area high schools, but its creators say it offers quite the opposite.

"Why they treating us like this?" says Topeka High School student, Maricella Hernandez.

Hernandez and Tatiana Ramirez say anonymous apps, like "After School" are providing a way for students to cyber bully one another.

"Someone can hurt you so much in that you want to kill yourself. That's sick," says Hernandez.

Hernandez and Ramirez both say they've been on the receiving end.

"I was getting made fun of for how tall I am you know stupid stuff like that," says Hernandez.

"They told her she was ugly and fat and stupid, nobody likes you. I couldn't tolerate that because I don't like bullying," says Ramirez.

However, After School's co-creator Cory Levy of San Francisco says the app was meant to be an anonymous message board for students to discuss issues on their minds.

"It gives people the freedom to express themselves," he says.

He says a hidden feature actually helps students feeling bullied.

"It is sort of hidden feature. It's a live 24/7 support for people at risk, you know, like if a student says 'I am feeling really down today,' our moderators will offer live automatic anonymous support," says Levy.

If students feel cyber bullied, they can do something about it.

"Students can hit a "report" button and that content is immediately removed. If there is a threat or people are in danger, we work with authorities," says Levy.

Still, Hernandez and Ramirez says bullies shouldn't have a forum in the first place.

"I want it to stop 100%," says Ramirez.

"Bullying just needs to stop completely," says Hernandez.

Andover, El Dorado, Haysville, and Wichita have blocked the app from being accessed on schools internet.