Advanced Voting Ad Causing Controversy

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Topeka, KAN. (WIBW)—A public service announcement is causing some controversy in the race for Secretary of State. Republican candidate Kris Kobach is accusing Democratic incumbent Chris Biggs of misusing your tax dollars.


Kobach claims that with this ad, Biggs is bypassing campaign laws. Kobach lashed out at Biggs in a news conference Thursday, for what he said is the Secretary's use of taxpayer dollars to promote his campaign.

"He has turned the Kansas Secretary of State’s office into the Chris Biggs’ personal campaign office,” said Kobach.

Kobach said traditional PSA’s shouldn't include the incumbents name, especially less than three weeks from election day. Kobach also attacked the ad for its expensive production value.

Biggs' communications director, Tyler Longpine, said the message simply encourages Kansans to take advantage of early voting.

“We want a professional ad that communicates that to them. I don't think we should run a poor ad. I don’t think that would be appropriate use of the tax payers money,” said Longpine.

Kobach said the ad violates the spirit of the law but hasn't filed a formal complaint.