A local church is getting a major facelift

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topeka, ks The construction outside of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church this week is just the beginning of this landmark’s restoration.

“Whoever built this church accomplished what they set out to do. The steeples raise our eyes to the heavens,” said Father Tim Haberkorn.

The repairs being done to the steeple of St. Joseph should be done in the next couple of days, but the real work is taking place inside. Father told us that this multi-million dollar restoration should take about two years.

“The interior is what we’re calling phase two. That will deal with the stained glass windows, primarily the plaster work and hopefully restoring some of the sacred images,” said Haberkorn.

The church’s repairs go beyond aesthetic. Cracks in the foundation and electrical wiring are a priority. Despite all of the work being done, Father wants the community to know that the construction will serve to enhance the church’s beauty, not change it.

“It’s primarily to maintain what we have and restore what we’ve lost through the years. It’s a restoration, not a renovation of the church,” explained Haberkorn.

Regardless of what Father calls it, this facelift isn’t going to come cheap.

“First cost is going to be a lot of prayers and the second expense will be the material means and we’re looking about two million for the exterior and then an additional two million for the interior work.”