TPD Going After Prostitutes, Drug Users, Registered Offender Violators

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Topeka, Kan. (WIBW)_ Topeka Police Chief Ron Miller Wednesday told Topekans and members of neighborhood groups how the police department is addressing prostitution, drug use, and other crimes.

Miller says theft continues to be Topeka's biggest crime. He also says a recent sting near SW Tyler and SW Fillmore near 8th, netted seven female prostitutes and two male prostitutes.

A recent sting, checking on the location of 635 registered offenders found 42 violators.

TPD is feeling the effects of city budget issues. They have no money for vehicle repairs in 2011 and they are not filling 14 frozen positions.

While 71% of those who used TPD's services since 2007 say TPD is doing a good job, about 50% say they do not feel safe in Topeka.